.45 Caliber Pistol
Production overview




Handgun, Small-arms

Ammunition type:

.45 ACP (11.43 mm)

Feed system:

7-round standard detachable box magazine

Rate of Fire:

20-30 rpm

Effective range:

Short-Medium Range

Game Info

In service:

In use


The .45 Caliber Pistol (Or M1911) is a weapon that appears in Jurassic: The Hunted. It is Craig Dylan's primary weapon throughout the game's campaign.


This weapon shares its construction and appearance with the M1911 handgun, both in appearance, and in function. The gun's barrel is sleek, silver, and features a black, plastic-made iron sight.

The firearm's grip is made of metal, with brown decorations. Other than that, the weapon doesn't have many distinguishing factors, and is somewhat bland in appearance.


The .45 is the first weapon the player will find in the campaign. It's seen sitting on a pile of boxes, before the player picks it up, and it is used throughout the campaign.

It is a small arms weapon, and as such, is not as effective as other weapons. In gameplay, its rate of fire is dependent on how fast the player can fire the trigger.

The damage is quite low, as it's unable to take down carnivores like Deinonychus without expending an entire magazine, or through the assisted use of Adrenaline. It can take down any Velociraptor easily though, only taking one bullet to kill them.

The iron sights featured on the weapon are pretty useful, and doesn't obstruct vision much, but it's not as reliable as sights, such as the 5.56 Assault Rifle's reflex scope, or the Black Powder Rifle's scope.

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