5.56 Assault Rifle
Production overview




Modular Rifle

Ammunition type:

7.62×51mm NATO

Feed system:

SCAR-H/SSR: 20-round box magazine

Rate of Fire:

625 RPM

Effective range:

Medium-Long Range

Game Info

In service:

In use




The 5.56 Assault Rifle (Or SCAR-H) is a weapon found in Jurassic: the Hunted.

It is the second automatic rifle found in the game, and it features a unique reflex optical sight.


This weapon shares its construction and appearance with the FN-SCAR, of military origin. Its body is beige-yellow in coloration, with small black indents and buttons on the gun's frame, and barrel.

The gun features a small ironsight on the front of the gun, however, this weapon possesses a unique feature: a 1x30 zoom reflex sight. It's black in coloration, and features a "T" shaped reticle, which is positioned right in the middle of the weapon.

In small writing, there is both "Dist. Mode", and "Reflex Sight 1x30", the former implies that the player can change the zoom of the weapon's scope, while the latter simply tells the player the scope's maximum zoom capacity.

Unlike most weaponry, which has a magazine color which is uniform to the weapon's main color, this weapon features a black colored magazine, which greatly contrasts the yellow of the weapon's body.


This weapon is found in "Vortex Zero", where it is seen in a weapons crate, right next to a fortification defense portion of the level. 

It is a very effective weapon, as the rate of fire, meshed with the weapon's damage and reflex scope makes the weapon truly deadly in the hands of the player. 

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  • When the weapon is being reloaded from a completely empty magazine, the player is shown pulling back on the reflex sight to complete the process, in actuality, this would have no effect on whether or not the magazine was secured to the weapon.

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