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"Ugh, they smell as bad as they look!"
—Craig, on the Utahraptor in "Out of the Frying Pan".
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The Utahraptor is both a species and mini-boss encounter in Jurassic: the Hunted, and are the tertiary antagonists of the game.


This dinosaur appears much like the Deinonychus in the earlier levels, with one large exception, they are large in size. They tower over the other dinosaurs, and act like mini-bosses.

They are gray in coloration, with massive black colored claws, a red underbelly, and red eyes. The dinosaur has a ridge of spines going along its back, and it also has small blotches of thick skin, acting as armor all over its shoulders, back and flanks. In the Wii and PS2 versions, the Utahraptor has no spines, and is more plain in appearance. 

Their heads are rather blunt, and flat sided, implying they are meant to be used as a ramming weapon, and their claws are also more blunt on the tips, compared to the sharpness of the Tyrannosaurus rex's or Velociraptor's claws.


These dinosaurs are a higher threat in game, as they act like a miniature boss. In its first appearance, it is encountered solo in "Far From Shore, Far From Home", but can sometimes be found in groups of two like in "Out of the Frying Pan", and "Escaping Extinction". Four appear in the latter level, but only two attack first, followed by the other two later. 

As such, they should be treated as high threat risks, and should be dealt with, with higher grenade weaponry, such as a Shotgun, or an Light Machine Gun, where the rate of fire, and damage rates are high enough to down the beasts quickly.

In gameplay, they will usually charge the player, using their insane speeds to their advantage. They will ram the them multiple times with their heads, to disorient and stun the player, before biting them, or clawing them with their large hands. 

They usually take 7-9 Shotgun blasts to kill, and they take multiple magazines from the 30-06 Assault Rifle before falling. Things like RPG's, or even Crossbows can take them down pretty quickly too, but a lack of ammo should decrease dependency on these weapons for kills.

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